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Costa del Este
Panama City, Panama 





Amador Causeway

Panama City and our Causeway

What is the Causeway?  There used to be three islands here and when they dredged for the canal they used it connect all three islands to the mainland.  It also served another purpose to lessen the impact of the tidal flow on the entrance to the canal.  We go out here a lot, almost every couple of weeks, early Sunday morning, just to walk in the quietness of the city.  All the boats are moored so you can see quite a variety with every visit.   There is a shipyard where they fix boats.  Here there are more condos being built lots of restaurants to eat at, a big duty free that serves the cruise ships coming in and a long clean path to walk, jog, bike or roller blade.  It is getting busier and we can see major problems with traffic once these condos get built.  There are only two lanes in and out.  The new Frank Gehry Museum is also here, and so is the Smithsonian.  This is also where you come to take the ferry out to Taboga.

(the green ship is now dredging the canal again in preparation for the new third lane)






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