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Cricket - Goodbye


Cricket doing her favorite thing - hanging out the window of the car
Cricket in her new home sitting on the desk beside Tom

After our Kara passed away we told ourselves, never again would we have a dog, it was just too hard on our hearts to go through it again.  Her history was a long one with us as she was a little snippet of a dog who was left out in a field to fend for herself and Tom took her be with us for her life.  We moved to St. Albert and were content that we could see and visit with others who owned pets and then one day Tom’s sister came over to show us her new dog who was just six weeks old.  Cricket was her name and immediately we fell in love with her.  Over the years Crickie came over many many times as we both worked out of our home and she loved company…and over those years it became apparent that she loved being with us and her home gradually changed to ours.   We had another dog - not one who we chose but one who chose us…and we loved her to bits.

Then we moved to Panama.  I was so anxious about her first flight at eight years old.  I was a wreck by the time she and I arrived but as soon as the three of us were together again, she was sniffing palm trees and getting used to a new life with out cold.  She loved walking around the area with us, nose buried deep in a good sniff and taking forever because of all the new smells each day.  We tried to rush her some times but she would dig those strong feet of hers in and not budge until she was ready.  I can hear Tom saying ‘come on ladies’ as I waited as she took her sweet time getting the full impression of a smell or going around a palm tree to see what it said to her.  We often joked that she was checking her pee mail.   When she met other dogs her whole body would perk up and her tail would wag.   I know we both wish this could be again.

We wondered how she would like going on a boat only to discover that she loved it…but going in the water was not her thing.  She did not like baths and would talk to us during the whole process yet delight in running around after it shaking and rubbing her face into the towels. 

Once here in Panama I started making her food only to discover that she loved it too.  As she got older the beef came out and the chicken was added and she devoured it with gusto.  She loved chasing her balls down our hallway.  She loved the old slipper I brought from Canada to Panama and still have to this day, eight years later.  She loved our bed and being on her back and getting her tummy rubbed and playing hide and seek with the sheets.  She loved Tom and would be so happy to see him when he came home from work.  When I was away she would walk to work with Tom and sit beside him in his office. 

If we had to go out and leave her she was there to see us off waiting for her treat and happy to see us when we returned.  Our lives were never with out Crickie if we could help it.  She especially loved going for a car ride.  As she got older the walks became car rides to a place where we could walk for a bit then back in the car, head hanging out the window enjoying the breeze and smells in the air.  Each morning and evening we would do this then come back home for her dinner.  She would stand and watch as we filled her water dish with ice and water and get her dinner ready.  Often she would then go to her basket of toys and stick her head into it to clean her face…she had lots of soft cuddly play toys.

She started to have health issues a couple of years ago and after that we have seen a steady but slow decline taking place.  Her hearing went which was to us a blessing because she was so afraid of thunder and would hide in our walk in closet shivering.  This place became her safe place and it was either there or on her bed in our office that you would find her, just a look away from us.  Her sight became increasingly bad and for that reason she loved being carried, so we would carry her to the car to go for her walk and back home again.  She had other issues as well, one being evident that if we didn’t make a decision, it could end up causing her pain and we didn’t want that, but she was strong and up until the end she had attitude…we loved that about her…now all this is a memory that brings tears with each thought of her.  We miss her so….I miss my snuggles with her, her head near my neck and hearing her breathe, her body warm and soft.  We miss taking her out before bedtime and her looking for her bacon treat each night….she loved that too.

I know we both have broken hearts that seem to take longer to heal as we grow older.  We are so grateful to have had her in our lives but it hurts so much when you have to say good bye.  She lived 16 years 2 weeks and please don’t say that is a long time…it went by in a heartbeat and it is never enough is it.  We controlled her life ending at home where she would be comfortable and not stressed by the foreign smells of a vet clinic…we had time to say a final goodbye and hug her and love her a bit more.  Our vet came over and was compassionate and caring and now we wait for her ashes to come home to us.

This all took place just October 1st but I wanted to write this now when I am feeling so sad and missing our baby girl.  Tom and I are missing a huge part of our lives right now, yes, she was just a dog, but those who have gone through this know – that they are never just a dog.

October 3rd, 2014


She is now home with us, safe and sound and we are thankful.  We are going to sprinkle some of her ashes on her favourite walks at her favourite palm trees.


We are also thankful that there is such a caring service here in Panama for those who cherish their pets…if you need the name just get in touch with us. 



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