Gamboa Resort

Costa del Este
Panama City, Panama 


Photos of Gamboa Resort by donna

July 2008

The Gamboa Rainforest Resort is a luxurious resort overlooking the Chagres River and the Rainforest close to the Panama Canal.

We had the opportunity to visit it while some friends were here from the U.S. It’s about a 20 minute drive from Panama City and takes you over the Bridge of the Americas on the way to the resort.

It is a modern hotel that greets you with Panamanian charm. Once inside the lobby you are greeted with some beautiful flowers, paintings, sculpture and friendly and helpful staff. After a short chat with the lady in charge of marketing we were off to breakfast. Down a flight of stairs with a waterfall and plants on one side, the huge floor to ceiling windows on the other and overhead hung these wonderful birds. We chose to eat outside as it was still early enough and not too warm. The view over the balcony was beautiful – from the pool area to the green and water beyond.

The Gamboa’s setting in the midst of nature and its proximity to unspoiled landscapes provide ideal opportunities for all sorts of adventures. The Panama Canal can be best observed from the observatory tower on a mountaintop nearby or from the Marina Terrace (where we had breakfast), which is part of the resort complex. Every room in the main lodge has a balcony with amazing vistas looking out onto the Rio Chagres and they even come complete with a hammock so you can laze away and watch the birds or read.

Adjacent to the main resort building, 80 wooden tropical apartments built in the 1930's for the Panama Canal Administration officers, have been carefully renovated and decorated for the use of resort guests.

As far as the tours go, the only one we had time for was the aerial tram, which was very good. They have knowledgeable guides with an honest passion for the environment. The tours and exhibits were developed by the Smithsonian's Tropical Research Institute (who also train the resort's employees).

As one of the leading capitals for birding, Panama has more than 950 species of birds, about 300 of which can be seen at Gamboa Rainforest Resort. Wake up in the morning to birdsong and venture outdoors on walking tours to view the birds in their natural habitat. Spend the afternoon lying on the hammock on your balcony with binoculars. Gamboa Rainforest Resort and its guests are very fortunate to have one of the world’s best bird-watching sites just minutes away. Panama is an important destination for birdwatchers because of its location in the migratory route of birds as they fly between North and South America. One of the best places to see birds in Panama is Pipeline Road, renowned around the world for its abundance and variety of rare birds. This is just one of the special packages they offer including the Spa Package and the Honeymoon Package, Fishing and Family Fun. We didn’t have the time to go and see the rooms nor take part in any activities, but I did pick up the press kit and take a look at the spa pricing and it looks very good…

I would suggest that when thinking about booking here, that you stay here. The resort is a bit out of the way and besides, there is so much to do, you will wonder where the time went if you just have a few days here. If you are a golf nut, there is a nearby 18 hole par 72 golf course.




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