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I have just returned from an amazing weekend at Kuna Yala and wanted to share some information for anyone interested in visiting this great part of Panama.

I stayed at the Kuna Niskua Hotel which is very simple (no locks on the doors/no air con/no tv), and located within a small community on a small island in Kuna Yala. The hotel manager really made the trip, he and his captain took us out every day in their boat passing the islands, visiting some beaches, his community, his family home, the Kuna museum, fishing, snorkeling etc.

The hotel provided breakfast lunch and dinner, which consisted mostly of fresh fish, rice and salad. If you have an above average appetite or rely on salty and sugary snacks you might want to pack these or you could probably offer to tip or pay a small amount to have larger meals.

If you would like telephone service, the only providers with service in the area are Movil & Digicel so you may want to arrange a pre-paid if you are not currently with these providers. You should also take your local ID or passport (or a copy) as you will pass through a few check points.

The community is early to bed, early to rise. If you are a party animal, there is no nightlife that I know of, so you may want to pack some books or bottles of wine if you want some form of entertainment in the evenings.

We paid $50 per person per night (included 3 meals per day, day tours and pick up from the mainland) and $50 per person for a return trip from Panama City which was a pleasant 2 hour drive. We spent a further $12 each in total (from memory) when entering the Kuna Yala reserve and for a small fee at the airport that we were driven to and waited for our boat pick up. It is probably a good idea to carry a few $1 bills on you as you have to pay to use the beaches ($1 per person) and if you would like photos with Kuna elders etc they may request some money.

The trip was very simple but an amazing experience. For those interested in visiting, I found our hotel manager/tour guide very easy to communicate with in Spanish, however later heard him speaking a little with someone in English. He (Orlando Diaz) can be contacted direct on 6534-6207 and can arrange your pick up from Panama City and your accommodation.



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