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Boquete - December 2008



What’s Up in Boquete?
Boquete is back on track and the town wants to put the spotlight
where it belongs: on its beauty and its people

BOQUETE, PANAMA: Boquete was in the spotlight this past week, not for its natural beauty, award-winning coffee and friendly people, but because of the damage caused by the Caldera River. The dramatic footage and photos don’t tell the whole story: Boquete didn’t experience long-term flooding. The river grew quickly during a short period of time and affected some structures in its immediate vicinity. The fact is, the majority of Boquete, including the downtown, roads, tours and activity businesses and most restaurants and hotels, were untouched. The people of Boquete and the business community have come together to invite the public to experience Boquete today.

“Boquete is back on track,” says Charlie Collins, Owner and Executive Chef, Panamonte Inn and Spa. “Of course, it has been a difficult week for the people of Boquete and our hearts go out to the families affected. My family has been in Boquete for three generations and some things never change: the things that Boquete has always been known for—its natural beauty, relaxing environment, fresh air, friendly people and welcoming spirit—were 100% unaffected.”

Earlier in the week, media, websites and blogs were reporting on the situation in Boquete. But the photos and footage was limited to a very small section of Boquete, the rest of the town was untouched.

“Everybody saw the photos and footage, but it’s important to remember: the story didn’t stop there,” continues Chef Collins. “The Boquete community rallied together to help the people in the areas affected by the river. The speed at which those vulnerable points were fixed was truly amazing. It speaks volumes about the character and spirit of the people in Boquete.”

  • Airport service to David and the main road connecting David to Boquete was unaffected

  • All the main roads and the downtown were untouched

  • Traditional Boquete activities Panamanians have always enjoyed—visiting gardens like Mi Jardin es Su Jardin and El Explorador, stopping for strawberry drinks, enjoying coffee, sharing the beauty with family and loved ones—never stopped

  • Great restaurants and hotels are open for business

  • All the exciting outdoor activities Boquete is known for are still available: hiking, rafting, ziplining, rock-climbing, horseback riding, bird-watching, hot springs and coffee tours

“All of the traditional activities that Panamanian families have enjoyed over the years never stopped,” says Lissette Ameglio, Fresas Café. “The gardens of Mi Jardin es Su Jardin and El Explorador. Stopping for a delicious strawberry batido. Enjoying a fresh brewed cup of coffee. Relaxing with your family. Boquete is the perfect place to do this. Now the sun is out and we want people to experience the beauty of our special town today.”

For more information about what is happening in Boquete, please visit and come to Experience Boquete Today!



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