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Our Restaurant Reviews

below are some of the restaurants Donna & I have visited over the past number of years - some we have really enjoyed and have frequented - others we visited once and have not been back  

I've also started putting up some of the pictures Donna has taken at some of the restaurants - check out the restaurant picture page here

Restaurants we've personally experienced:

  • Ristorante lI Boccalino – we go here to enjoy an evening of music as well as food. It is one set price of 30.00 per person and includes wonderful chamber music, then afterwards we enjoy a lovely meal.
  • Machu Picchu - Great Restaurant! And we highly recommend. Not expensive and excellent food. Try the corvina ceviche!!
  • Steinbock - German pub fair -- good side dishes of potatoes either potatoe pancakes or potatoe dumplings -- try the "hunter" veal
  • Martin Fiero - Argentinean - Tom loves the fried steak with an egg on top! Very good and prices are reasonable
  • Sushi Ito - love this place…around 20.00 per person gets you a great meal
  • Carlitos - the BEST pizza. My favourite is the provolone with red pepper and Toms is tres quesos or three cheeses. Ask for a crispy edge too…yummy and about 5.00 each. The side salad there is huge – serves two! - Update - Carlitos moved from Panama City to Coronado.
  • Tamburelli - kind of like a pizza 73, but since they are down the street from us, handy.
  • Madame Chang - pricey Chinese food, but a great reputation
  • Casa Blanca - located in Casco Viejo in the Plaza Boulivar. We've eaten here on several occasions both for lunch and dinner. Good food but the service seems to vary from very good to poor.
  • Lung Fung - we have dim sum here and after trying some other places…this is the one!
  • Sunley Chinese -located in El Dorado near the big Do-it center - not a dim sum we would recommend
  • Sietes Mars - the "seven seas" - good seafood - touristy - and a bit pricey for what you get
  • Pomodoro - good basic Italian - Tom enjoyed the spaghetti Bolognese - good deal at $5 - in the non-rainy season sit outside in the inner court yard - really nice setting right downtown
  • Van Gogh - great for beer and coffee, but they do need to improve the food  - now out of business
  • Old jail at Casco Viejo - located in the France plaza near the French Embassy - lovely ambience, food good, and bring a shawl, it’s cool
  • The Palms - nice evening out - upscale food and ambiance
  • Jimmys in San Francisco - good basic Panamanian fare
  • Too many empanada wagons to count - but if you see a little white van on via Espaná run by an incredibly friendly Columbian, stop and enjoy the best empanadas in Panama
  • la fonda across from the Fiesta restaurant in El Congrejo treat yourself to a local lunch like "ropa viejo" for under $3 - now gone - replaced by a new hotel :}
  • Gauchos - Argentinean restaurant on caled Uruguay - great steaks - they bring a cart with all the cuts of meat - i had Entraňa - was it tender and cooked to perfection. All in for four with pre dinner drinks, wine and desert - $125 - we've been several times and they seem to have a tough time with consistency in the quality of the steak and its tenderness - sometimes it melts in your mouth - other times it is tough
  • Union Club - if you are privileged enough to be invited to this great location jump at the chance. Donna and I have only had lunch but it was amazing. Tom had a ravioli made with a squash filling - yum - and  the soup and deserts were excellent.
  • Masala - Indian - and great Indian food - the Nan is excellent, the shrimp, the chicken and the appetizers - well needless to say we will be back.
  • Los Cedros - a small on-the-street restaurant that serves Lebanese and Mexican fare. We went with another couple. Donna and I had Lebanese, they had Mexican - both were excellent and with cervezas and desert the bill for four came to under $45
  • Lourdes - located in El Valle - maybe 1.5 hours from Panama City, this restaurant is an amazing place to take friends for a Saturday or Sunday afternoon lunch. Visit the market downtown and then head up to Lourdes for lunch. Make reservations as they are always busy - and no wonder -- the food is excellent - the ambiance is just like being in Tuscany and the service is great. All in all one of the best
  • Lenos Y Carbon -- located on the causeway on the farthest island next to the shopping center - great location, great vista of the city, pretty good food, (especially the presentation of the deep fried red snapper - but the service - well, it needs some help in that area - but if you can get over that its worth visiting if you like grilled fare.
  • EurAsia -- located downtown in Bella Vista, we decided to try this restaurant based on the reviews by a local food critic. He depicted this as his "favorite". The ambiance was very nice, in the back of the restaurant is a smaller room set up like a small conservatory or greenhouse. The service was excellent and attentive. The food was good, maybe not quite what i was expecting, but perhaps because it was built up so much. Worth a return visit to try something else and judge it on that.
  • Napoli - located downtown just off via Espana, - since coming to Panama we've heard that we needed to check out Napoli for "just good Italian cooking at a reasonable price". They were right. It is reasonably priced, good food with good service. All you can ask for in a restaurant.
  • Chimborazo - located on via Porras near Parque Omar - very good seafood - the corvina i had was as good any I've had - the service was attentive, all four meals were good portions of tasty seafood at very affordable prices.
  • Beirut - downtown Panama City in the tourist area of the banking section, an interesting ethnic experience. Loved the tapas and would return for them - i've heard some of the main dishes are great as well but didn't try them this time.
  • Sushi House - located in Costa del Este. Recently opened. Donna & I went in Apr 2010 and the portions were generous, the menu extensive and the prices equivalent to those in USA or Canada. It still amazes us how almost every sushi roll includes cream cheese, We got used to some of this in Mexico but of 60 + roll options only maybe 5 or 6 did not have cream cheese. My unagii was excellent. Donna's rolls I thought were passable at best. The service was ok, but not exceptional.
  • La Emaculada  - what a cool soda joint - no high class food here just inexpensive, good food - Donna and I both decided on a bacon cheese burger with a chocolate shake - yum -- all this for under 10 - total - and the service was prompt and pleasant - what a treat.
  • La Posta - a restaurant in Bella Vista in one of the oldest homes of the area. The food was very good, the appetizers hot, plentiful and tasty. The main courses were well prepared as well. I can't say for sure if it was that had no room for desert or if we found the noise level too much but we declined desert. Even on a Monday night the place was virtually sold out.
  • Camintos - great take out or eat in restaurant in Costa del Este - an amazing selection of Argentinean empanadas - we tried a half a dozen varieties and they were all yummy. The best thing - the prices are great.
  • ill Grillo - a brand new restaurant in Costa del Este - we watched for weeks while they worked to get the restaurant and last Friday we decided to check them out - turns out to be their opening night - we met the two owners from Venezuela - they own 8 restaurants in Caracas -and it shows - the food was excellent - the carpaccio was so tender and flavourful -
  • The Burgues - we purchased two coupons from OfertaSimple for this restaurant. The burgers were great - juicy, tasty and offered in two sizes 6 oz and 1/2 pound - I had the half pound and just scarfed it down - we will go back for sure. Located just off calle Uruguay next to an italian restaurant. - now out of business - replaced by Brits Burger Bar see below
  • S'cena - located in Casco Viejo just across from the old Union Club - excellent "fine dining" - the service is first class - they have a nice selection of varied items on the menu - everything our party had was excellent. We particularly enjoyed the tuna and beef Carpaccio - yummy 
  • The Waterfall - on the edge of Costa del Este, tucked away in a small strip mall near the entrance to the parque industrial. The owner/chef is a very personable young fellow obviously committed to making this a place to go often. If he keeps up the service and the food quality and doesn't go crazy the prices it will be difficult to get in there for dinner in a year when other "discover" it. - now out of business kind of sad
  • La Mar  we have not eaten here yet, but it has
    received plenty of great reviews so thought we would mention it...we welcome reviews! Peruvian food. Recommended as a must visit by the New York Times and listed as one of the top 50 restaurants in the word by San Pellegrino sparkling water in London.
  • Segafredo - Casco Viejo, Plaza Bolivar - don't bother with this one. The waiters were friendly but that is the only good thing I can honestly say about our experience. One of our party was served shrimp that was off and she was "off" that evening as well. Save your money, find another choice - go across the plaza to Casa Blanca if you want the ambiance of that plaza.
  • Os Segrado de Carne - a Brazilian restaurant that provides a full buffet, hot and cold and then the waiters bring meats to the table to choose from. You are given a small card with red on one side and green on the other. As long as you leave the green side up they will keep bringing more choices. Red tells them to stop. From filet, to sausage, to skirt steak and chicken. Great food - excellent service and reasonable prices. We will go back - but be forewarned - go with an appetite.
  • Tanino's Wine Bar - located on the causeway's middle island - this used to be the Wine Bar and Pomodoros Italian Restaurant - sister restaurants to the ones in El Cangrejo - the food was "ok" - my cannelloni was over cooked - the taste was fine but the presentation lacked any thought. Not a place if you really appreciate good Italian food - and not a place we "have to go back to"
  • Gusto's - next to The Burges on calle 47 - Italian - the service was excellent - the food delicious - the prices very reasonable - I had Risotto - yum - Donna & Alan had the cannelloni and Geri the fettuccini maricos - everyone commented on how they enjoyed their selection - we will go back
  • Fenicia - another coupon from OfertaSimple - a new Lebanese restaurant to try out - and were we thrilled we did - we have enjoyed Beirut but we've now found our new Lebanese restaurant - the food was excellent - the service prompt and professional - the selection - wow - try the 4-6 person mixed - the four of us had to take a doggy bag home.
  • Metsuyan - another coupon from OfertaSimple - thank goodness it was 1/2 price - this "sushi" (and I use that term really lighlty) located in Bal Harbour Paitailla was not a restaurant we'd ever want to revisit - kosher sushi - really? poorly served, poorly made - not worth the 1/2 - save yourself and don't bother.
  • La Bocatta Cafe - another coupon from OfertaSimple - WOW - we ordered sweets for our open house and were they awesome - everyone enjoyed them and asked where they were from - we will order from La Bocatta again.
  • Santino's Ristorante & Pizzeria - located in Costa del Este new Burger Bar and the Waterfall. We ordered pizza and pasta - the pizza was ho-hum - the crust was too soft and the tomato sauce too overwhelming. The pasta on the other hand received lots of "yum - nice - great" the fettuccini looked home made - the corvina served with it some of the best Geri says she's ever had - we will go back and we hope the pizza is improved. 
  • LT Signature Restaurant -  Used to be located on calle Urugay downtown in the Hotel ManRey - what a pleasant surprise - when was the last time you raved about hotel food - if you are like me almost never - this had to be one of the best dinners we've had - again thanks to OfertaSimple - I can honestly say I would never have tried it without their coupon - my 4 cheese pizza was literally to die for - Donna's chicken was huge, moist and really interesting - Geri & Alan had the short rib rigatonni - and they both almost licked their plates - do yourself a favour and go there with someone you want to impress - you will not be disappointed - we will go back. -- since closed - too bad - was replaced by 10 Bistro see below
  • Azure Restaurant - located on calle 48 just off calle Urugay downtown - this was another ofertasimple coupon and we were looking forward to another Lebanese restaurant to compare to Beirut and Fenicia -- I will say the combination plate of the typical Tubule, Humus etc was excellent but the noise level and the odd variety of the rest of the menu was a bit of a put off. We were all a bit ambivalent if we would return when we found Fenicia so good.
  • El Caribe - located on via Argentina - first impressions are of a small unassuming restaurant. We were greeted by Sr Jackson, our waiter. El Caribe turns out to be Panamanian Caribbean - think Colon - each of our orders, the goat, lagostinas, and the fish were so yummy - there was not a scrap left. The service was excellent, pleasant and really helpful - all the suggestions were first rate.
  • Fire + Ice -  there have not been many restaurants that we've gone to as a result of OfertaSimples coupons that we found so bad - this has that distinction - the restaurant is supposed to be an upscale Mongolian BBQ and they definitely spent their money on the interior - too bad they didn't spend money on the food. First 1/3 or more of the menu had "pronto" where the price should - they had no ground beef so no sliders or hamburgers - after checking out the offering for the BBQ at 20+ for essentially chicken - we passed and ordered a la carte - a mistake - we should have left. One rib plate was actually "off" and caused one of our guests to be ill - we won't be back - period
  • Golden Unicorn - there are a few great chinese restaurants in Panama City - this is definitely one. The four of us went for dinner Saturday and it was delicious. None of us thought we were going to eat every thing we ordered - but we persisted :} every bite was gone - located in San Francisco it is close to Costa del Este so easy for us to go and enjoy a great chinese dinner. We went back in Feb 2015 for Chinese New Years - great food.
  • Sabor de India - don't go for the ambiance - it is small, noisy location especially if you sit inside. But the food more than made up for the noise. We had a number of appetizers and then butter chicken, curry shrimp and black beans along with Naan. Donna wasn't with us as she was away but I am pretty sure she would have agreed it will be worth returning too - albeit sitting outside this time if the indoors is made up of families with children - the food is not too spicy hot but have a "lassi" drink it helps if you need to relieve some of the heat :}
  • El Morro - a Cuban restaurant in Bella Vista - the ambiance is fair and the food was ok. Of the three main dishes ordered only mine, the cazuela de mariscos, we good - the other two, drunken shrimp and the beef (Alan actually ordered fish but got beef :{) was too salty, overcooked and tough. The appetizer mixed plate had some nice deep fried otoy and we were looking forward to the chicharron but most of the pieces were too tough to enjoy. The coffee and sweet rice desert was delicious. Overall, overcooked, over salted. Because of my meal being as good as it was we may go back.  
  • Brits Burger Bar - located in the old digs of Burgues (see above) - same type of fair - good unique types of burgers, not too expensive. and reasonably good service.
  • Habibis - "not just another Lebanese restaurant - located in Calle Uruguay, Habibis turned out to be the best Lebanese restaurant we've visited so far - and we will go back - the food we had was excellent and the service very attentive. What we did different was we ordered the "for 4 persons" offering but we did not get the kebabs, we opted instead for the lagostinos and pulpo.
  • Grapes - located in Casco Viejo near the presidential palace - the decor, the food and the service were excellent - you will need a reservation as it was full on a Saturday night - the noise level when full made it unpleasant and almost impossible to carry on a conversation except with the person next to you. The chicken curry and the lamb were stand out winners - forget the desert and be careful on the wine as it was way over priced. Pricey but very good for a nice night out.
  • Maranello - located at the entrance to via Argentina just off via Espana. A family run restaurant where it feels like lots of people frequent like you would a local pub. It was obvious as Juan Carlos greeted many people as they entered as old friends. The thin crust pizza was a really pleasant surprise. The prices were the biggest pleasant surprise - a really affordable, tasty place for a pizza and beer while watching football :}
  • La Galeria - Crowne Plaza Hotel - Every Friday La Galeria offers an Indian buffet. As soon as we sat down we were each given a lassi - a yogurt and melon drink - very nice touch. The offering was varied and the true Indian dishes were good. The curry chicken and the lagostinos in a tandory type sauce were tasty. The inclusion of sushi and dim sum was a bit disappointing for the Indian experience especially when it is promoted as being created by an Indian master chef. Worth the 22 per person but I would love them to add Nann and butter chicken.
  • Tanta - located in Bldg 5 Costa del Este, I originally thought it was going to be a luncheon type restaurant designed to serve the office buildings around it. We went for dinner last night and found it to be delightful. Service was prompt, pleasant and efficient. The food was delicious and reasonably priced. Peruvian offerings, but nicely presented. I had the fish filet on mashed potatoes - yummy.
  • Tre Scalini - the 3rd Tres Scalini in Panama - this one is located in Costa del Este. When you walk in you know the owners have an eye to attention. The greeters are friendly, the finish to the restaurant was elegantly done and it felt quiet and homey at the same time. The food was excellent - this is a restaurant that could become a favorite to return to often and to take friends.
  • Kassai - a brand new sushi restaurant in Costa del Este on the ground floor of the Bladex building. Donna & I had watched it being built over the past number of months and on my birthday we went with our friends Geri & Alan. We were their very first customers. There were so many staff and just the 3 off us - it was kind of humorous. While the food was very good the portions, especially the rolls, were miniscule - reminded me of the Metsui in El Cangrejo. The prices are North American not Panamanian. The decor is wonderful but the Sushi House is better value in my mind.
  • Lido - a new family oriented Italian restaurant opening in Costa del Este back off the main road. Turns out a fellow in our building we've taken to calling "pizza man" is "THE" pizza man at the Lido - he has a huge gas fired oven that looks like a wood fired oven of old. He loves to show off his pizza dough twirls for the kids watching (including me). While Donna had the chicken cordon blue (which was very nice) I had the 4 cheese pizza. It was very good - I would only have asked the crust be crispier - 10 seconds longer would have been enough - we will try again and see if Pizza man is open to making it crispier.
  • Secundo Muelle - located in San Francisco this was another restaurant we were introduced to by OfertaSimple - they had a preset selection for a dinner for two so we went with our friends Alan & Geri. Each of us something different for an appetizer, main course and desert. Our ONLY complaint - the portions were way too big :} - the food was amazing - and for a Tuesday night the place was packed - a sign that we were not the only ones who thought it was a place we'd like to revisit. Treat yourself to some excellent food and service.
  • La Vitrolla - located in Costa del Este it is the first upscale restaurant in our area. The selection is really impressive - appetizers from tuna tartar to grilled octopus on scalloped potatoes to main dishes of grouper wrapped in phyllo pastry to grilled lobster. The service is as you would expect from an upscale restaurant - there but not obtrusive.
  • Smoke Shack - located in Costa del Este - home to pulled pork, ribs and chicken. The service was very good, attentive but not hovering. Donna & I shared a platter of pulled pork, deep fried chicken and ribs. Geri & Alan each had a half rack of ribs. The ribs were excellent. The chicken was good - I would not likely order the pulled pork alone - too mushy - not nice and firm and individual. The prices were ok, not too expensive but not cheap either.
  • Al Dente - an Italian restaurant located on the causeway near the Figali Convention Center. We had coupons from Oferta Simple for their Wednesday buffet. A nice airy restaurant with a great view of the city but we all agreed we don't need to go back . The young lady who attended our table was fine but the food was not memorable. The buffet ran out in minutes (except for pasta) and it took ages to refill. Nothing was bad but just not worth returning.
  • Chinni Chinni - an authentic Korean restaurant located on via Porras across from the Super 99 near the entrance to Price Smart. - it was authentic if the clientele is any indication - we were pretty much the only non asian in the restaurant other than our waitress. The squid and pork bulgogi and the fish chunk soup were excellent. We will return.
  • Ten Bistro - we'd heard about this restaurant when it was off calle 50 in another small boutique hotel so when Oferta Simple offered coupons we jumped at it so we could celebrate our anniversary. We should have known there was a problem when they didn't have our reservation listed even though I had been messaging trough Facebook and had a confirmation. The service at first was excellent - to be fair there were only 3 couples at first - then it went downhill as it got busier - the food was very good - not sure I would say excellent but very good - Donna could not find her lagostinos in her risotto dish. I think we enjoyed the LT Signature when it was in the ManRey more than 10 Bistro - sorry
  • Piacere Café & Restaurante - Oferta Simply came through again - this little Italian restaurant on via veneto is one of those hole-in-the-wall restaurants we'd probably just walk by if we didn't have the coupons. We were virtually the only ones there when we arrived just after 7 but by the time we left they had a healthy group of diners. The service was very good, pleasant, helpful and enthusiastic. The carpaccio had too much lemon but otherwise was good - the pizzas were beyond good - the crust was excellent - the prices are 9-14 for main course and the portions were large.
  • Trump Tower - Tejas Restaurant - Our friends from New Jersey wanted to go to this restaurant - we ended up going the night before the Panamanian Election and it was supposed to be "dry" but they asked us if we were eligible for voting and we said no, they said no problem ordering a drink. The service was excellent - efficient, attentive, and friendly but the food was just "good" - there was nothing wrong with it for sure but it was not "wow" - the ambiance was very nice, quiet and classy - and the prices weren't over the top - pricey but not crazy either.
  • Donde Jose - The second restaurant we went to with our friends from New Jersey was located in Casco Viejo and was very unique. The first thing you notice is there is no sign outside - you have to know it is there. Then you notice the size - only 16 guests - one sitting. Very intimate in all respects. The staff are always there and always bringing something. Third, there is no menu - Chef Jose creates the menu and offers 9 dishes over the span of almost 3 hours. Small portions each - but very, very good. They only "missed" on one - a portobelo mushroom they substituted for our friends as they do not eat red meat - Donna and I had the steak - it was excellent. They offered a unique house specialty "pairing of drinks" which I ordered - it was excellent - Do yourself a favor and go for dinner - meet Chef Jose - he is very passionate about his food. We went back again in Feb 2015 - see "restaurants" for pixs
  • Chez Titi - thanks again to OfertaSimple we decided to go for a Saturday afternoon tea. You may know that Donna travels the world and one of the things she tries all over the world is afternoon tea or high tea so I wondered how this new little tea house in Panama would stack up against London and India. Well, by her own admission it ranked right up there with her favorite tea house in London. So well done. I had a chicken crepe and apple pie - both were awesome - this is not an inexpensive quick lunch but the service was top notch and the food was exceptional.
  • Restaurante Luna - in Marbella, near Filipe Motta's wine store - across from the old World Trade Building. The food was excellent, the service exceptional and the prices reasonable - a great combination. Donna had Asian salad and Shrimp with guava and soya, I had garlic, grilled octopus and then pasta and escargot - I've never had that combination but it was yummy. See the pictures in the restaurant section.
  • Restaurante Mar de Grau - in Obarrio - located just off Calle 50 - Peruvian food - this is one of the original owners of Machu Pichu and we have to tell you - the food is amazing - we had lagostinas in some kind of sauce that I almost ended up licking off the plate - the shrimp sat on top of mashed potatoes - and we had a chicken dish with another sauce - yumm is an understatement - and they had our favorite ceviche frito. Check them out.
  • Milano  - in Casco Viejo Plaza Bolivar - we went because we had coupons from OfertaSimple. The food and service were fine. But just fine. When you get the bill it just doesn't hold up - the price should give you "excellent" not just fine. There is nothing wrong with the quality just that it doesn't match the cost.
  • Tsugoi - in El Cangrejo - an Asian restaurant that offers Japanese sushi and gyozas to Thai with pad thai. The quality was excellent, the service was very good - attentive and prompt. The atmosphere was really great - see some of Donnas pictures in "restaurants".
  • Fish Market - not to be confused with the fish market that sells fresh fish this restaurant is located in Casco Viejo near Donde Jose and the American Trade Hotel. The atmosphere is fun, relaxed and the food was excellent and the value hard to beat.
  • Al Basha - located downtown just off Calle Uruguay. Another Lebanese restaurant - nothing noteworthy - nothing wrong - but nothing exciting - you could be at Beirut, Fenicia or any of the other Lebanese. 
  • Roadsters -  a diner=-style restaurant located across from Atlapa - loved the atmosphere - the designer must have actually been to a real diner. The service was prompt (until we got to the bill) - the selection of food was pretty good and the food was "ok" - I am a breakfast person so it's hard to impress me - the "real" orange juice for $4 sure did not seem "real" unless from a Florida jug means real. Nice but we don't need to return.
  • Thai2112 -  an exceptional restaurant - located right downtown off calle Uruguay. The menu is huge and covers everything Thai - to help "newbies" they offer a sampler designed for 2 people that gives a sample of almost all the kinds of foods from appetizers to deserts - a great way to work your way into the Thai food. Responsive service - excellent food - reasonable prices and one of the nicest ambiance anywhere. - we went again for Donna's birthday - see the photos
  • Beer Week 2015 - check out the food and beer at this years festival
  • Woodies Bar - a fun bar on the Pacific coast near the Decameron
  • Solomons Deli - located in Punta Paitilla, the deli is run by a husband and wife from Quebec who have a passion for bringing great Montreal food to Panama. The smoked meat and poutine is amazing - treat yourself to this Canadian "must have"
  • Caliope - located above the Teatro Amador in Casco Viejo, Caiope is both a great bar and restaurant. The food, service and ambiance make it a place you will want to go to just have a nice dinner together or to enjoy with friends. You can actually carry on a conversation without shouting. The drinks are something to see - well done and a piece of art.
  • La Musa - during one of our walks around Casco we noticed and ventured into La Musa only to find it was not yet opened to the public. So we waited a few weeks and went back. We already had dinner reservations that night so we just had drinks - we will go back as the service was very good and drinks inventive and enjoyable.
  • Casa Jaguar  - located in Casco Viejo upstairs next to Teatro Amador - we found this place because of Oferta Simple - and when we arrived to see it was really more a bar than restaurant we were a bit worried but the tapas and drinks were excellent - if you want quiet - go early as I am sure it gets busy.
  • AKI  - located in Casco Viejo AKI is a small but excellent restaurant if you want simply a drink or to enjoy their appetizers - Donna and I would both give their food and service a 10 out of 10.
  • Bario Pizza  - we first visited their location in Casco Viejo and now enjoy their location in Costa del Este. undoubtedly the best oven pizza we've had - make sure you have their meatballs too - awesome.
  • Fat Burger  - the Fat Burger chain opened in Costa del Este last year and we visit as often as we can.
  • Petit Paris   - located in Marbella near Nahtans - this is as authentic French cafe as I could imagine outside of Paris - an inside and outside area - the crepes are awesome - they have live entertainment almost every Friday night
  • Teracco Restaurant   - located in Casco Viejo in the La Concordia Hotel is Teracco - we had the pleasure of enjoying a meal with our friends Rita and Jordan. It was a special meal where their chef and a chef from a local Japanese restaurant paired up to delight us all. Amazing from start to finish  


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