I'm Fonda Food

Costa del Este
Panama City, Panama 


I'm Fonda Food -

A play on the name of local, some times temporary, food stands - called "fondas". The menu is always changing, the fare is simple, inexpensive but we hope you will find it is surprisingly good.

Donna & I will be visiting a local fonda as often as possible and bringing you the pictures and comments. Hopefully by doing so, you will not be scared to try this wonderful food!

The main dishes average around 2.90 per plate and the soup was 1.70

I found it interesting that they cooked the plantain in strawberry soda, to not only give it that colour but also sweeten it it was delicious! It can also be prepared using cola and brown sugar to give it a brown colour.

Fried rice is great, coconut rice to me is a bit bland but if you are eating it with Chinese then the sauce adds to the flavour. So far all we have eaten has been really really tasty.

roasted chicken pigs feet soup "chunks of pork"


Chinese stir fry meat balls







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