Panama Viejo

Costa del Este
Panama City, Panama 


Photos of Panama Viejo by donna

One weekend we went through the old city of Panama near where we live, Panama Vieja, and then we went to Casco Viejo (the second city of Panama), otherwise known as San Felipe. Panama Vieja was the first Spanish city founded on the Pacific coast of the Americas by Pedro Arias de Avila on August 15th, 1519. This city was the starting point of the expeditions that conquered the Inca Empire in Peru (1532). It also was a stopover point of one of the most important trade routes in the history of the American continent leading to the famous fairs of Nombre de Dios (Godís Name) and Portobelo where most of the gold and Silver that Spain took from the Americas passed through.

The fire, destruction and pillage that was caused by Henry Morgan in 1671 provoked the move and construction of the second city in 1673.





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