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Stores we've used
  • Albrook Mall is a wonderful mall where you can buy anything you need and pay very little or very much. It depends on if you buy local or buy the imported stuff…but it’s all there and a great food court at well. Our friends love it when we go there and always come back laden with packages.
  • Price Smart used to be called Costco but changed names…it is still a Costco to me…great place to shop! Between this store and Office Depot, you can get everything.
  • For grocery shopping, there is Super 99, Rey and Riba Smith. Riba Smith is great for those hard to find items – a lot of tourists shop there so the prices are higher. I get my vegetables and fruit at the local convenience store as they are always fresh as the big stores do not seem to carry the variety either for Chinese cooking, Indian cooking etc. You can also just pick up bags of fruit off the street vendors at 1.00 a bag. The prices are so good here and the variety of things grown in this country is outstanding…there not that many bakery shops though. Thankfully a New York bagel shop has opened up in the city.
  • La Fortuna is where Tom got his suit, jackets and pants made. Beautiful fabrics to choose from and the service and pricing is excellent. You can also get your shirts made here as well.
  • Ancon Store – this is where we bought our appliances. Good prices and delivery is fast.
  • SoHo Living is another place to shop for home accessories and furniture. A bit pricey but I have found the perfect reading lamps here.
  • Metropolitan Furniture has some gorgeous furniture. Lots of imported items and I think about 4 stories high so you are likely to find what you need. I hate going to this place as I want it all!
  • Nostalgia is a great place to get drapes, blinds and wall paper. They have everything here. There service, especially Mitch, is excellent. Now saying that, be prepared to wait for special order items.
  • Modermueble is where we got our dining room table, chairs and seating for the living room. We did order a coffee table here as well but after waiting for 3 months on that, finally gave up and got it from Banyan Leaf. We got pretty good service and knew we would have to wait and then decided to order matching cushions for the bedrooms. There in lies the problem. Those were ordered in December and were received in April. Suffice to say that the customer service is absolutely the worst we have even been faced with. We are happy we have received what we ordered but will never walk through those doors again.
  • I ordered my cutlery from a store called Porto Fino and my dishes and glassware were from Bel-vivir. I ordered a set of 16 for the dishes, just in case…with tile floors you have to be careful! Both I would recommend.
  • Tignario S.A. is where we ordered our louvered doors and paneling for the dining room. Delivery was on time and then Enrique Farrabone was the one who then took them to prepare them for installation and installed them as well. He did a good job, but you must watch as once the doors were in, there were patches where the stain was not as deep as the rest…he fixed them all and I am happy.
  • Banyan Leaf is a great place to shop as well, run by a Brit who brings in all kinds of things almost every month. We bought quite a bit at this store and delivery of it was fast. - Update - too bad they are no longer in business - they had some really cool stuff
  • Novey and Do it Center are two stores that carry everything you need for the home. Those are like a Home Depot or Revy. In fact, Do it Center is where I got all our Hunter Douglas fans from…and I thought the prices were great! One word of warning on fans…when we got there I wanted rattan fans…but we got one installed and turned it on and nothing…not a bit of air moved because of all the holes in the rattan. Great for looks but useless here. You must have fans that move the air if you plan on not using the air cons that much. We decided that because we are on the 7th floor and got a beautiful breeze every day that we would not close up our windows and not know where we were living…we wanted to feel the country we live in now…we do use the fans when the breeze is down and do use the air cons when we have company that cannot take the heat and we did install an extra air con in the laundry room that faces the kitchen so when we have the oven on or are making dinner for a group of people we have some cool in the kitchen.
  • Kassa - a fine kitchen appliance outlet in San Francisco - Carlos and his staff are very attentive and have looked after the appliances we've purchased. We've heard so many horror stories about appliance stores we were happy to find him.
  • Bon Vivant- one of the most unique stores for wine and fine foods located in San Francisco - Oriol and July have an incredible selection to browse and enjoy. Have a great cup of coffee and soak in the ambiance.


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