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I don’t feel we live extravagantly no do we have hired help – and this is factored on a debt free budget – if you need a mortgage or have to pay rent or pay car payments you would need to factor that in as well

  Our cost in Panama City Cost in Panama rural Cost of living USA - Texas ** Cost in USA/Can *
Electrical Avg 170 per mos 32 per month 150 per month 152 per mos
Water Avg 15 per mos 4 per month 55 per month 100 per mos
Food Avg 400 per mos 150 per month per person 200 per person 500 per mos
Condo Maintenance 160 per mos     150 per mos
Health Care (both) 200 per mos     550 per mos
Auto Insurance 1100 per yr   50 per month 665 per year
Home Insurance 340 per yr     1300 per year
Cable  TV 80 per mos 50 per month cable includes internet 150 includes phone and internet 58 per mos
Internet (Panetma) 80 per mos     100 per mos
Telephone (local as we use Voip for LD 30 per mos     30 per mos
Personal Diesel 100 per mos     160 per mos
Car Repairs & Gen Maintenance 5-700 per yr   300 per month 1200 per year
Trash pickup        
employee -cleaning 2 days per week 120 per mos 120 part time    
property taxes 300 per yr   200 per month  
porpane     30 per month  
Total to this point about 1600 per month 516 per month 2 people 1335 per month about 3100 per month

in addition to all these fixed costs you need to factor in the following “over and above” costs

add clothes, dining out, movies, books, other “sin” items like alcohol or cig/cigars
add travel – in country and out
add prescriptions or other medications
add vitamins or supplements
add co-pay medical bills

Read a few full example from Yahoo Forum - Living in Central America

* one example from our friends Missy and Jim  in Chicago -thanks

** thanks to Dave now in Panama was in Texas


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