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Articles - and answers to Why Panama
Right from the time we started looking at Panama as an option to Mexico as a place to retire we read lots of articles with a common theme - Why Panama. Here are a few. If you read them you will find, like us, there are some pretty compelling reasons to choose Panama. As a caution, remember, these folks have a vested interest in you choosing Panama and some of the articles put a very positive light on the "benefits". Caveat Emptor -- we've not used the services of these sites or people so we don't list them as recommendations - just sites to read more on the question -- "why panama"

Be part of a bold new village. An intersection of visionary thinking and timeless tradition. A place where the spirit is awakened, the soul is touched, and the future embraces what the past has taught. It is called Kalu Yala. It is coming to life in the rainforest highlands of Central Panama. 

Another private school is opening up in 2012,
the Panama Pacifico Academy.  

Strawberries - By Donna Dawson May, 2010 All about strawberries

Enchantment of the Seas cruise out of Colon - By Donna Dawson March 9, 2009
So...You Want to Go Cruising? Don't Miss The One Then!
Cruising in Panama Aboard The Royal Caribbean Enchantment of the Seas
7 night Southern Caribbean Cruise

ARS Study Provides a Better Understanding of How Mosquitoes Find a Host - By Dennis O'Brien
March 9, 2010
The potentially deadly yellow-fever-transmitting Aedes aegyptimosquito detects the specific chemical structure of a compound called octenol as one way to find a mammalian host for a blood meal, Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists report.

Panama Book Club - Coffee and more with 14 women and no culture hunting vultures

Panama Canal powerpoint - an interesting overview of the Canal Alan Orr Banbridge N. Ireland Dec 2008 - its big but worth watching

Pet EFT - Emotional Freedon Tecnique -

Panama Culinary guide - Cooking Terms -

Visiting Kuna Yala - a personal review of a visit to Kuna Niskua Hotel

Combating Malaria - A brief on malaria put on at the London office of the Financial Times as chaired by the Malaria Consortium, the world’s leading not-for-profit in the ongoing struggle with malaria.
Malaria Consortium website

20 tons of Waste Collected from Panama Beaches - What a great start to doing some litter collection - there is so much more to do but its a start for sure.

Bocas del Toro: Eden of Iniquity - - the Gillingham story posted in the Bocas Breeze

Message in a Bottle - - One persons perspective on Panama

UNBEATEN PATH - A Visit to Panama's Living Lab - - By Andrea Sachs - Washington Post Staff Writer - Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cost of Living in Panama - I answered a forum post on the cost of living in Panama and Missy thought it would be a good idea to put it here and put some comparisons.

Missy and Jim - some new friends from the Chicago area and their thoughts on their first visit to Panama and El Valle.

Trust Intelligence - here are some interesting "reports" from our friends Alan & Geri Ross - he owns and operates an investment news service, Trust Intelligence.

A new book on the Panama Canal construction - by Mathew Parker check out his book here

Retirement Wave - Bob Adams site is well written, articulate and easy to follow. I enjoyed his articles in the members area and in my opinion it is worth giving him your email for access to this information.

Panama the Path Less Traveled - a well built site created by the Panama Tourism Institute - lots of great information.

Sovereign Management Services SA - Offshore legal services - here are the typical answers to "why panama"?

Panama Guide - where we keep up with the news in Panama

Caribbean & Panama Online Real Estate - more of the answers to "why panama"

Business Panama - news and links to other articles on "why panama"

How badly do you really want a cup of coffee? - Vancouvers Caffe Artigiano's  bought some of Panama's famed geisha varietal bean and is selling it for $15 per cup in Vancouver - only in Vacouver you say?

Is it safe to invest in Panama - the ultimate $64 Billion Dollar question. The question being asked by everyone, every day, all over Panama and around the world. How long will the construction boom last? Will the bubble burst? Can I safely invest my money in Panama or will I lose money if I do? - Note from Tom - check out some of the online blogs or Internet groups to get some idea of individuals responding to this article.

New species of snowbird eyes exotic nests in sun - "Our parents retired to Florida and Arizona. Today's baby boomers are heading south of the border."

Prima Panama's News Release About Immigration Reform in Panama

Boom, Burst, or Bingo - The Panamanian Real Estate Miracle

The Panama News

The Visitor - great Expat newspaper - free- available at most hotels

Move to Panama - a site dedicated to the idea of moving here and all the necessary services

Panama Travel Bureau - their motto - "twice the lifestyle at half the cost" - cool

ExPat World - in their words "the newsletter of international living"-  this is their article entitled - "Panama is Hot - A World Class Retirement/Investment Heaven"

Panama Title & Escrow - in their words - "Panama is a privileged country within Latin America. It is fast becoming a preferred location for a second or retirement home for North Americans. For its citizens, Panama is one of the top three of Latin American countries for quality of life: health, education and economic well-being."

Panama Wholesale Offshore Services - from a tax haven perspective, this site gives numerous reasons for "why panama"

Vista Boquete - an innovative approach - you get to download a free "e-book" with the answers to "why panama" and of course why invest in their property :}

Escape Artist - don't you love the name :} -- be prepared, this page has lots of information and it will keep you reading for a while. - Check out the article - 13 not so conventional reasons to love Panama -its a cute read. Don't miss the section entitled - Articles on Living & Investing Overseas in Panama

Panama Experts - ok, Experts - well -- at least a site with some information on "why panama"

Casco Viejo - Casco Antiguo

Interesting Article on Old Panama Trams - Allen Morrison has put together an interesting article with pictures and text on Panama's two original tram ways

Expat Stories has over 100 articles about Panama. (Please just ignore the articles about Nicaragua.). Here's the link to Expat Stories in general. Please browse through. There's quite a variety, including interviews. 


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