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It has been months since I've updated the site. So many things have taken place since my last note in October.

Panama is still our home - over 11 years since we first visited in April 2006. Little did we know when we arrived for 4 days.

Over those 11 years we've never regretted our move from Alberta Canada.

Our life here is not without some challenges but the bulk of the challenges are because we were not a typical retiring couple. When we moved we opened an office to work with our Canadian company.

Without the company the rest of our time in Panama would have been really quite simple. The company would not be so much of a challenge without the employees. Don't get me wrong, it is not the employees themselves it is the Labor code in Panama. It is so incredibly one sided against employers.

The cost of living has changed dramatically in the 11 years but we still find it a treat not to have to deal with taxes.

We get notes often asking about something to do with Panama - because we encourage people to ask. We've been so fortunate with our move and the people that have helped us we are more than willing to help where we can.

Feel free to ask if you are you just thinking of a vacation in Panama or if you are thinking of making Panama home we'd be happy to point you at some resources or give you some suggestions - we have nothing to sell and nothing to gain except maybe meeting a new friend. We have been really privileged to get to know some great friends during our past 10 years.

Some newsy stuff - while the new 3rd lane was under construction it seemed everyone felt it would be a boondoggle but in the year it has been in use it has proven to be anything but a boondoggle. The size of ships going through this new channel is incredible.

Our area of Costa del Este has just continued to evolve. Not all the growth has great - the traffic in the morning and evening is unbearable. But the upside is all the new services. 

If you want, write us if you have questions - we love to help.

We add to the areas of the site like people, sites, and services as our experience with each of them change so you should feel comfortable dealing with any of them.





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